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 The Region

In the heart of Provence


Avignon heart of Provence, the wonderful papal city, the historical city center and the breath-taking papal palace, the Notre-Dame-des-Doms cathedral, the ramparts, the Saint-Benezet bridge, the “Rocher des Doms”, the Saint-Peter basilica or just the beautiful clock tower place. An exceptionnal designated UNESCO World Site Heritage.

In the Lubéron

The Senanque Abbey

In the heart of the Mounts of Vaucluse and in the natural parc of Luberon stands the cistercian abbey of Senanque, built in lavander fields, then on a peak: Gordes, designated as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Its church and castle, the watermills and windmills, and the hundreds of dried stone huts makes it a treasure in Provence.

Capital of Provence

Saint Rémy de Provence

Saint Rémy de Provence, provencal capital of the art of living where Nostradamus was born. Its artists, provencal market, beautiful shops and art galeries, walks and hikes in nature, places painted by Van Gogh, the roman archeological site of Glanum, the Christmas provencal traditions, the transhumance, the festivals and the annual 300 days of sun.

Capital city of Camargue


Arles, Capital city of Camargue, meeting place for photography, music and bullfights… A street of art and history designated UNESCO World Heritage Site thrice: for its ancient city center and roman monuments, as Saint-James way (and also a way of rome and jerusalem) and as a natural space of worldwide interest. The Camargue is designated in the worldwide network of biospheral reserves.

The Sumptuous


The beauty of Aix-en-Provence, city of Art, is discovered while strolling. Through your promenades around the reknown Cours Mirabeau shadowed by the plane trees arch, you will discover many private mansions and monuments: Town Hall, Old Archbishop’s Palace, Saint-Saviour Cathedral, Pavillon de Vendôme. The squares ornated by fountains are so many enchanting places to find throughout your walks. It was the city of the painter Paul Cézanne, its countryside inspired the some of the greatest impressionist artwork.

The comptat venaissin

L’Isle sur la Sorgue

Named « La Venetian Comtadine », l’Isle sur la Sorgue is one of the most attractive city in the region because of its exceptionnal living environnement. The city draws its strength from the Sorgue, a forever dry up source river which gives a strange impression of time suspension. The antique dealers, the galeries, Campredon art center,… all these ingredients maintain the myth of the romantic and poetic phenomenon at leisure.

Ochre Colour


Located in one of the most important european deposit of ochre, Roussillon shines under an ochre light and claim its mineral singularity by a surprising set of blazing colours. By strolling through the narrow streets and stairs, contemplating the facades, often simple and naturally beautiful, you will admire the thousand-year-old savoir-faire. The Ochre Path will lead you to the “Street of Giants” in the middle of the “path of fairies” and a succession of awesome sites sculpted by water, air, or humans.

At the door of Provence


Marseille, door of Provence, founded by greeks (600BC) coming from Phocea, is the oldest town of France. Enjoying an azure sky made possible by the Mistral, the city has a cultural heritage and a unmatched history. Traces of the past can be found all around the city, like the old port, “la bonne mère”, or the “Panier”, oldest district in Marseille. Floating between sea and sky, the European and Mediterranean Civilizations Museum is a place open to all and multidisciplinary where anthropology, history, archeology, history of art and modern art mix together.